Camping In Comfort At Marylard Camping Grounds

Every year thousands of happy campers pitch tents in and around the Maryland camping area. They enjoy a rich array of nature, beaches and everything in between. On some occasions we even get the chance to chat with these happy campers about what exactly makes their stays so good. Amongst the many reasons is the firm mattress reviews they provide us with in order to better improve the camping experience.

When you are planning for a trip in your camper van to the beach with your family the first thing you need to get your hands on is the right mattress as it plays an important part in making your trip memorable. When in the beach if you don’t have a beech bed to rest on, you can always spread your mattress and lay down on it to rest.

The right type of mattress plays a vital role in the making your camper van trip a success

The mattress that you purchase needs to be comfortable for the beech as you would be placing it on the sand hence buy a mattress that is firm in the back so that it doesn’t shift easily on sand and the top should have a quilt kind of finishing so that you can rest on it comfortably

Camper van mattresses are perfect for beeches and outdoor activities

During summers if you wish to sleep outside of your camper van then use the mattress as a bed and sleep on it, there are different varieties of mattress available in the retails stores hence go for the one that you are comfortable with as every individual have their own liking to the materials.

The trick to finding the right camper van mattress is ensuring that you have the correct sizing of the area on which you will place the mattress. A snug fit will ensure the mattress does not move throughout the night and will especially be handy for foam mattresses as this will prevent sagging.

Be sure to follow all the rules when camping around Maryland and stay safe where ever you decide to pitch a tent.

Maryland Parks & Recreation Move to Zero Turn Mowers

For many years Manyland beaches Parks & Recreation services have been utilizing push mowers as their primary method of mowing the lawns around the beaches and recreational areas. This has proved to be a long and tedious process that involves many man hours. The move to the more efficient ZTR mowers are a “godsend” say the ground staff who have longed for a better way to manage the lawns.

The budget contraints put on the Parks & Recreation services have not given them the room to invest in the technology better suited to covering such large areas. After a recent change in the local council and Mayor of Maryland, a new investment has been placed into the upkeep of the area. This involves also an upgrade of the barbeque facilities and camping grounds.

The zero turn mowers will allow the ground staff to cover the lawn areas in nearly half to a quarter of the time they spent with the push mowers. It was also decided that with the many barbeques and bins in and around the grassed areas, that it would be easy to navigate the lawn with the zero turn radius as opposed to the standard ride on mower.

The staff have expressed their relief as they have been campaigning for the change for nearly 4 years. The mowers are also equipped with shade roofs and drink holders, which will reduce break times needed for mowing in the hot Maryland summers.

The new barbeques are a welcome change for the local residence too who have tired of bringing their own cooking facilities down to the beaches. They will no longer need to drag anything along now as the state of the art barbeques are push ignited and recharge based off solar power.

The council made mention of further upgrades appearing in the near future which include better toilet and shower spots for campers. The camping grounds always prove to be a major drawcard in the long hot summers and an increase in showers and toilets would greatly reduce queues of morning campers.


It’s time to get out of your best recliner, pack your bags and get ready to knock your socks off with these amazing resorts. We have always wanted to spend some time on a tropical island – to bathe in a warm sun, to be surrounded by the blue ocean, to engage in adventurous water sports and be drowned with a friendly crowd. These are the things we are looking for when we want to escape the busy life. Well, good news! Hawaii isn’t the only place to enjoy such things outside of the home. Prepare your pen and paper and take note of these 10 good resorts to plunge in at Maryland.


This glamorous beach resort is a “perfect getaway” for those who want to escape the city rush. Hilton Suites is a place that will surely put new life in your boring
schedule. It has an outdoor pool with the Atlantic Ocean as its background, and even an indoor heated pool where you can enjoy on rainy days. Hilton Suites has
enough rooms to accommodate visitors from around the world. Feel at home with their comforting amenities. Their room rate starts from $119. You can already
enjoy a lot of things including golf, magic shows, poolside bar and much more.


If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy swimming and lots of things, then this resort is a YES! Chesapeake Beach has a good fishing spot and relaxing
spa. You can also enjoy some water sports like kayak or paddle boarding. This resort has spacious rooms which are very popular for families or group of friends.
Feel free to enjoy the view in the balcony, the mouth-watering meals, the fitness centers and even the Scavenger Hunt. You can enjoy these from a $170 range.


Planning for a perfect vacation with your family or friends? Why not try Clarion Resort?! You can’t go wrong with this luxurious place and it would be worthwhile to
spend some time relaxing here. Be immersed in their wonderful amenities like comforting sauna, good air conditioner, fitness centers and even free parking space.
This resort doesn’t just have a pool, but they also offer exciting activities like Bird Watching, Photography, and Live Entertainment. The room prices start at $251.


Who wants a lot of long business meetings and boring business trips? Well perhaps, no one. However, if we could combine business trip and leisure, that would be rejuvenating. Harbourtowne offers great amenities both for casual and business trips. Family members and workers can enjoy biking, breakfast buffet, and even
swimming. They have conference rooms with the ocean as its backdrop. So, bring your co-workers in this place to produce fresh ideas.


Staying in this hotel will provide you both with the natural beauty of the surroundings and the modern taste of the facilities. You will have no regrets in spending
time here tanning and sunbathing. Dive into their swimming pool, enjoy fly fishing, relax in a Jacuzzi, engage in a horseback riding, and avail spa services. Enjoy
all of these with the price starting from $187.


Nothing beats the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. Who wouldn’t love going to the casino and plunging into the beautiful beach afterward? Rocky Gap
has the perfect spot for casino lovers and the perfect getaway for the stressed mind. Experience an L.A.-like entertainment with Casinos and night entertainment,
and have a relaxing time in a spa or pool. Room rates start at $140.


White sand beaches are always nice to visit. Feel the warmth of the sun along the white coast of Century 21. Enjoy swimming in the blue ocean and talking with
friendly people. Century 21 offers spacious rooms for backpackers and travelers. With lots of rooms for rent, you can even bring your whole friends and families
and enjoy the view of the horizon; watercraft and theme parks that start at $100.


We deserve a glamorous trip after a long tiring week from work and boss. If it’s glamour you want, then you should consider going to St. Michaels Harbour Inn.
Feel like a royalty in their luxurious amenities and ambiance. This hotel has a lot of rooms with different style and furniture – most will surely suit your taste. You
can have a feast with the restaurants around the area, experience their different massage therapies, and even hold an event in the good place. But St. Michaels
is most famous for their fine marinas. Enjoy boating and a lot more with $270.


Start your vacation right with a trip to white sand beach and good stay in places. Flagship Oceanfront Hotel offers these things to beach-lovers like you. You can
stay under your summer umbrella, or just enjoy the touch of the rays on your skin. They also offer Arcades where children and adults could enjoy playing, beach
volleyball for sports enthusiast, and theme parks. Everything starts at $49. So, pack your bags and start doing the reservation.


We are never too old for slides. And we are never too old to bond with children. So, if you want to go away with the idea of a beach, then this park is a must try.
Yogi Bear offers fun experiences for both children and children-at-heart. Enjoy your stay in a cozy cabin, have a try with their golf carts, enjoy the adventure park,
and most especially, have a splash in their pool and try their slides. Price starts at $78, so you can enjoy a full-day activity with everyone.

It is not yet too late to treat yourself for a wonderful escapade. So what are you waiting for?Pack your bags, get your camera, and put on those sexy swimsuits.